Investment Management


We address the management of your investments in several ways:


A. Actively Managed Portfolio's

We actively manage your investment portfolio. You give us discretion to buy & sell securities in your account. We work to make your money grow. Please refer to our Portfolio Commentaries in our newsletters section of our website to review our current and past thinking on the markets. These will give you the flavor of our approach to investing. We have been investing for our clients since the early 1980s. We adopted a fee only approach to this work long ago. We receive neither commissions nor soft dollars from anyone for our investment work. Our compensation for work comes directly from our clients. Our predecessor, Faraldi & Porro Inc., worked with Alex Brown Inc. in the mid 1980s to test and perfect financial advisory management services for financial planners.


Our fees are low and fall as your account grows. Unique to our fee structure is the reduction at break points so that the lower fee applies to the first dollar in the account. For example, we change our annual 1.5% fee on accounts valued at $125,000 to 1.375% once the account grows to $125,001 on the full value of the account. Many other firms apply the lower fee only on that amount in excess of the $125,000 and retain the higher fee on the first $125,000. Bottom line: our low fees fall as your account grows.


We provide these services for our management fee:

1. Daily review and attention given to your holdings.

2. Design of your investment portfolio.

3. Selection of investments to include in your portfolio.

4. Ongoing research on holdings and potential holdings.

5. Quarterly progress reports of your account.

6. Quarterly investment outlook commentary.

7. Daily updating of transactions.

8. Accessibility of your account via the Internet.

9. Availability of investment alerts, news and performance

    charts of your holdings via our website.

10. Availability of investment advisors to discuss your



Our fees for investment services are:

1.50% for accounts under $125,000

1.375% for accounts under $250,000

1.25% for accounts under $375,000

1.125% for accounts under $500,000

1.00% for accounts under $750,000

.875% for accounts greater than $750,000


These are annual fees and are debited from your account on a monthly basis.


B. Self Management of your Account

We also offer to assist the active client who prefers to manage his/her own assets. We serve in these cases as a record keeper. You obtain our institutional trading rates, our advice upon your request, a record of your transactions, performance reports, transaction summaries to ease tax reporting, access to your account via our website, news alerts and research content on your holdings.


We charge only $1.50 per transaction to help our technology upgrades. All other related services are billed hourly at a price ranging between $55 – $210 per hour.


C. Our Review of Your Present Account

We have developed an excellent means of comparing any portfolio with our matrix to determine whether improvements could be made. In providing this service we review your present portfolio, its makeup, your investment goals & objectives, its performance and determine how we may help you make it better. Generally our recommendations add a few points to your annual return that over the years can mean a lot of extra dollars in your pocket.


The graph to the left gives you an idea of what 8% and 13% in annual performance can mean to you 25 years from today. (3% inflation assumed)


Due to compound interest at 13.00%, the greater the amount of time your money is invested, the greater the amount you will accumulate. Therefore, you should begin investing as soon as possible.


Please note that this is WITHOUT any other annual contributions. Annual contribution on top of this can yield much more result. With Annual $1000 contribution, this result in $212,801.


Please click HERE and choose number 2 to run your own calculations. Time is Money! Enough said.


We bill our normal hourly rates for this comparative work.

Should you wish to discuss your portfolio and investment needs with us, please contact us now.

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